Work On Your Craft Everyday

Work hard on your craft everyday. The path to mastering any skill or craft is to practice. Whatever you want to accomplish, whatever goal you’d like to achieve, you will get there with sweat equity. You’ll get there with hard work. There really are no shortcuts to achieving something great. I would even compare this to remodeling a home. You create a blueprint, devise your plan, and work on it day by day until your house is transformed. Step by step is the path to greatness.

Choose Your Craft

Maybe you’re not sure what skill or craft you’d like to master. That’s alright because you have the ability to choose it. You can look back on your life experiences and towards your future to decide on what you’d like to do. Choosing your craft is about self-determination. Friends, family, and even strangers will try to tell you what path to take, but only you can decide. Don’t take anyone else’s advice on this because no one else understands your true talents, abilities, and desires. Choosing your craft is akin to choosing your destiny. So here’s some questions to ask yourself to help you choose your craft:

  • What skill would you like to master?
  • Or what skill would you like to learn?
  • What talent do you have that will allow you to contribute value to other people’s lives?
  • Looking back on your past experience, what is something you’ve been naturally good at?
  • What and who do you want to be in life? A writer, athlete, musician, scientist, or artist?
  • If you can’t put an exact name or title to what you’d like to be that’s fine…just choose something.

Dedicate Time To Your Craft

After you’ve chosen your craft, you must decide to dedicate as much time as you can towards it. You may have other obligations such as work, family, school, or social activities. But working on your craft will allow you to craft your destiny. You must work on it now so it helps you achieve your goals today, this week, this month, and for this year. And in turn it will take you a step closer to where you’d like to be in 2, 3, 4, or 5 years from now.

But what if I have a 9 to 5 job?

Then work on your craft from 6am-8am and then from 6pm-11pm.

What if I work afternoons and nights?

Perfect, work on your craft from the moment you wake up until you have to go to work.

But I’m usually tired after work during the weekdays and the weekends are for family time. I need some time to take relax right?

No, I’m writing this blog post on a Saturday afternoon at 1:34 pm. Use your weekends for your craft instead of being lazy or doing low-level activities.

I need to learn more about my craft before I start doing it.

No you don’t actually, just start now and learn as you go. Working on your craft is about action. Stop “getting ready to get ready”.

But what if I work on my craft and nothing ever comes of it?

That’s for you to decide. If you believe your craft will get you somewhere in life then you’ll do the work to make it happen. Nothing is guaranteed and that’s the beautiful (and scary) part about life. Either go for it with all you’ve got or look back on your life with regret because you never tried.

It’s the difference between delivering mediocre results and amazing value

I share these words with you today because working on your craft will allow you to create your future. Natural talent and skill will only take you so far. You’ve got to nurture your abilities. Practice actually does make perfect, or close to it at least. Either use your skill or lose it. You can choose to work at your regular 9 to 5 job where you produce mediocre or good results. Or you can work on your craft and create amazing value for yourself and others.

Welcome to Dream Matri!

One of the simplest ways to figure out your purpose in life is to write stuff down, seriously. Since it’s such an easy thing to do, most people are quick to overlook it. Never underestimate the power of writing things down. Here’s a few examples of things you can write down to bring clarity to your life:

  1. Questions to ask yourself
    • What do you want your life to be about more than anything else?
    • What is ONE thing you can do in each area of your life to improve it?
  2. Skills and Abilities
    • What kind of skills do you have?
    • What do you naturally do better than others?
    • What kind of skill set do you want to learn?
  3. General Interests
    • What kind of stuff are you generally into?
    • If it’s weird or unique, great it’s supposed to be.
  4. Things you want/don’t want
    • What kind of life do you want to create?
    • What kind of life will you no longer tolerate?
  5. Goals
    • What is your “someday” goal?
    • What is your 5-year goal?
    • What is your 1-year goal?
    • What is your goal this month?
    • What is your goal this week?
    • What is your goal today?
  6. Random Thoughts
    • Write down ideas or quotes that resonate with what you want in life

The exercise of writing things is simply a way to get whatever is in your head onto a piece of paper. Having a bunch of thoughts, ideas, and goals floating around in your mind not that useful. So why not get it down on paper further develop them. It’s a way to take a thought and make it something that’s visible and physical.

To further expand on the idea of writing things down, I’ll use #5 Goals to illustrate how I like to write down my goals.

Someday Goal: To have financial freedom (my own definition of it) and use my disposable income for investments.

Five-year Goal: To make a full-time income from my blog while creating quality content and selling valuable products and/or services.

One-year Goal: To have a profitable online business selling my services. All the while building a following on my personal blog.

Monthly Goal: To have a fully built website where I can offer value and provide services.

Weekly Goal: To finish the second phase of my website design and flush it out further.

Daily Goal: To have a few blog posts written and ready to publish on future dates.

Right Now: Write a blog post

I have the above example written down in my notebook so that I can refer to it everyday. Because I have goals written on paper I’m able to use it as a guide to keep my priorities in check. I keep my number one goal, as my Number One Goal. That way there is no confusion as to what I should be doing next. I know that what I do right now, contributes to all of my others goals.

If you use my suggestions I promise that you’ll head in a new direction in life starting today. Your purpose in life is for you to determine. It is your responsibility, not your friends;, family members’, or boss’. So take charge of what’s yours and take the necessary action today.